Pieces of Eight series

Shanty For The Soul cover 2_2.jpg
Shanty For The Soul

They’ve wounded his ship, they’ve murdered his parrot, they’ve battered his reputation, and broken his trust. Everything that matters to him has come under attack. Cap’n Silus de Senza, however, is One o’ the Eight and will fight to get it all back. Not a single soul will be safe from his wrath, not even those he’s sailed alongside for years.


The only person he can trust is Billy Bird, the crow’s nest girl, a young pirate with sharp eyes who’s about to see more than she ever bargained for.


In the volatile Province of Maudlin, enemies old, new and numerous await. Grand Merchant Xavier Angst bears a grudge that has simmered for eight long years, and he will spend every coin he has to ensure Silus does not escape again. Many others remember de Senza’s last visit and have not forgiven him.


Running out of friends, Silus is relieved when he bumps into Cap’n Samira Dalal, another of the infamous Eight, and a pirate renowned for her cool demeanour and sharp wit. Together they learn that one of their number, Brawley the Vile, arrived two days ago and was murdered along with most of his crew. It’s too great a coincidence. The harbour town is an elaborate trap, and the more they fight the tighter it grips.


Someone - or something - hunts them, and once again Silus de Senza’s arrival in Maudlin will turn the damned place upside-down.

Canticle of Oceans Lost cover 2.jpg
Canticle Of Oceans Lost

Cap'n Silus de Senza, trapped in a town that hates his guts, with no easy way out.


In Maudlin Harbour sits Cap’n Silus de Senza’s beloved ship, the Machiavelli, leaning at a painful angle. Without urgent treatment she may never sail again. Almost as bad, he’s scored a new nickname, the Curse, like it’s his fault that a creature tears through the Province on a murderous spree.

Nevertheless, Silus has a grand plan. With Grand Merchant Angst out of the picture, he will take back the cargo stolen from him and rustle up enough coin to fix his ship. He’ll be back on track in no time


There’s a new Mayor in town, and Heller has very specific instructions and a singular determination to fulfil them. She intends to pummel the pirate Province, and she’ll squash every scumbag one of them until she gets what she wants: de Senza, the Pirate King.

Together with his dead parrot and Billy, the dead crow’s nest girl, Silus will face a battle like no other...

Refrain Of The Fallen

It's bad enough when your crew has turned against you, but what if your enemies number the thousands and one of your friends is dead, another is tired of your nonsense, and the third is a parrot?

One way or another, an ending looms for Maudlin Province, awash in blood and fire...