Imagine these books all running together in one single enormous movie. This is how that epic should run.


Prequel: Krakenvale - newsletter sign-up exclusive!

No-one sails through Krakenvale. There isn’t a reason good enough.

Except Silus de Senza is no normal Cap’n, and he’s in another not-normal situation. Long-held secrets await and terrifying legends prepare to attack...

Pieces of Eight


Book 01: Shanty For The Soul


They’ve wounded his ship, they’ve murdered his parrot, they’ve battered his reputation, and broken his trust. Everything that matters to him has come under attack. Cap’n Silus de Senza, however, is One o’ the Eight and will fight to get it all back. Not a single soul will be safe from his wrath, not even those he’s sailed alongside for years.


Book 02: Canticle Of Lost Oceans


Cap'n Silus de Senza, trapped in a town that hates his guts, with no easy way out.

There’s a new Mayor in town, and she intends to pummel the pirate Province, and she’ll squash every scumbag one of them until she gets what she wants: de Senza, the Pirate King.


Book 03: Refrain Of The Fallen


It's bad enough when your crew has turned against you, but what if your enemies number the thousands and one of your friends is dead, another is tired of your nonsense, and the third is a parrot?

One way or another, an ending looms for Maudlin Province, awash in blood and fire...


Book 04: Melody Of Fools

Foolshope, the drowned city. The Four Pillars fight for domination in this landscape of sky-scraping shards and wild magic. Each is a Weirder driven to the brink of madness. Each will get a contract to take down the interloper, Cap'n Silus de Senza. The race is on to find him first.

Forging Of The Eight


Book 01: Silus

Young Silus is ill-suited to life as a clocksmith. He feels the pull of the world. A half-chance to stowaway aboard a pirate ship presents itself and he takes it on impulse. Nobody wants him onboard, however, and a terrible enemy gives chase. His first adventure begins, whether anyone's ready for it or not.


Book 02: Samira

Life as the Cap'n's daughter is a constant struggle. The crew think you get favours; the Cap'n gives you none. Samira, then, finds herself stuck in the middle... until illness strikes and she must fight harder than ever to earn everyone's trust.


Book 03: Valdirez

He wasn't always a pirate. He almost had a career in the Acts. So when Valdirez leaves his first ship after conflict with a drug-addled Cap'n, and finds himself in a quiet town with a dying theatre, he suspects there's an opportunity for easy money. However, the play they run is about to upset some powerful people...


Book 04: Tressie

The quietest villages hold the deepest secrets. Held captive for years, Tressie's about to be the main course in an occult offering when local boy Pip stumbles into her escape plan. The pair find themselves on a passing pirate ship and attempt to fit in, but the revenants have Tressie's scent, and they're coming.

Pieces of Eight


Book 05: TBC

A death sends waves through Foolshope. The power balance shifts. New friendships are forged while old ones fracture. Ambitions shift and hopes are dashed.