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New Release - March 2021

Shanty For The Soul

Book 1 of Pieces of Eight

They’ve wounded his ship, they’ve murdered his parrot, they’ve battered his reputation, and broken his trust. Everything that matters to him has come under attack. Cap’n Silus de Senza, however, is One o’ the Eight and will fight to get it all back. Not a single soul will be safe from his wrath, not even those he’s sailed alongside for years.

Only Billy Bird, the inexperienced crow's nest girl, and Cap'n Samira Dalal can be trusted in a struggle that will turn the Province of Maudlin upside-down...

‘Might as well be blunt about it, Silus. We all know ye limped into harbour, and yer mate McAnders here has been somewhat tight-lipped about whatever else might’ve happened... but we all know somethin’s up an’ we think it best to hear from yersel’ before the rumours run any further.’

  And as Vossler’s sentence trails away, so does all talk throughout the room, as if the rumble of conversation has been a pretense that allowed all the drinkers to observe and eavesdrop; at the very edges of her vision Billy thinks she sees them all actually leaning in slightly, afraid of missing the tiniest bit of this news.

  Silus states it simply. ‘Scrawn’s dead, and my ship’s not far behind joining ‘im.’

  A huge collective intake of breath. To hear all these pirates react so sends all the blood in Billy’s veins rushing down into her boots. It’s a fearful noise, and she’s as frightened as she is astonished to hear it. Her gut gives a twist. However bad tonight has been, that noise says flatly that the Seven Fates are not finished with them yet.

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No-one sails through Krakenvale. There isn’t a reason good enough.

Except Silus de Senza is no normal Cap’n, and he’s in another not-normal situation. He’s on the run from three vicious crews, he’s made yet another promise to Eliza Mantroshino, and Krakenvale dwells between him and escape.


He’s a man of reason. There’s a map, and the map depicts an island, and someone must have been there in order to draw the chart. Been there and survived. If some artist can live through the journey, then surely Silus de Senza, One o’ the Eight can too?


Out of options, the Machiavelli and her desperate crew of lasses an’ lads sail out across Krakenvale, with danger behind, ahead, and under them. Long-held secrets await and terrifying legends prepare to attack...

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